About The Graphic Order

The Company

Founded in 2006 by Alan van Roemburg, The Graphic Order is a Melbourne based interface design agency. We design iPhone, iPad and Android apps and craft beautiful icons, logos and websites to match. Our mission is to help brands achieve succesful digital solutions through great technology, strategy and pixel perfect designs.

The Order

Alan van Roemburg

Alan’s vast experience as a freelance designer has led to working for a wide variety of clients, from smaller developers to Fortune 500 companies. Alan has created state-of-the-art digital experiences for companies like SourceForge, Cisco, ParkSlide and Toyota. Prior to that he designed at DTDigtal a OgilvyInteractive Worldwide Company.

Derek Mack

Derek is a true multimedia designer, with a background in Flash, motion graphics and game design. His focus now is making beautiful things in web and application design, with a particular love for iOS apps.

The Clients

“Hand any canvas to a designer and they will fill it with their creativity. Hand it to The Graphic Order and it comes back somehow bigger and brighter than it was before, in a way you didn’t think was possible.”

JP McMullan - CEO, ParkSlide Pty. Ltd.

“The Graphic Order were a key factor in the evolution of our products. They were instrumental in not only the design, but also in helping us understand how our users wanted to interact with our products.”

Patrick Fitzgerald - Head of Product Development, SportsMate Mobile